Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fanning the flames

Ang sabi nila, bawal daw makipaglaro sa apoy.
Ang sabi ko naman, care ko! Masaya eh! I won't let that fear stop me from playing with fire.

Here's another proof of my emerging fascination with pyro...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Burn, baby, burn!

At last, I was able to live the dream that has been haunting me for months.

Even if it took me quite a while to finish my beginner's module, it was well worth the wait. The experience was exhilarating and terrifying. To be honest, I initially had doubts whether I should go through with it. I think I developed a temporary fear of fire which made me forget all the moves. But after a few turns, I regained my "confidence" and enjoyed the whole experience.

From my firsthand experience, I now understand why this art is called zipping. It was named after the sound of the fire poi when you weave it on air - it creates a zipping sound. :)

Now, I gotta learn more tricks and improve the skill for more entertainment value. Who knows, I might earn a living out of it. hehe

Monday, November 9, 2009

Zipping beneath the Petronas Twin Towers

Sharing the poi passion in Kuala Lumpur with my great friends - Joms, Esti, Ben and Chada.

I'm so excited to burn, burn, burn!

Monday, August 17, 2009

No More

1 March 2009

Reflections during the ILC:
Honestly, my reasons of going to the ILC are less than noble.

1. I just wanted to take a break.
2. I wouldn’t want to miss out on all the fun if I don’t join.
3. The fare was cheap, so I should book asap. I’ll think about my schedule later.

These were flimsy excuses, but reasons nonetheless. February came and I found myself trying very hard to arrange my schedule.

I was reminded that I’ve been neglecting my relationship with Him for the longest time. At first, I thought it was okay. I’m sure the Lord would understand. You see, I’m very busy with my work and lost school life. Basta, I’ll make it up to Him one of these days. I didn’t realize that the distance has grown wider. I needed to go back to that inner sanctuary where I can be with Him, talk to Him freely, worship Him, thank Him.
When I worship, I keep this image of a small stream, amidst a grassy field, with a leafy tree beside it. We’d be watching the sunrise together. That is my ultimate idea of Heaven.

Ps. 1:3 He is like a tree beside a brook producing its fruit in due season, its leaves never withering.

I’ve grown tired of going through the motions. I need to experience Him again. I thought I would experience it during the ILC. But the Lord wanted me to learn another lesson. I should never wait for a spectacular event, or a miracle, or a life-changing moment to go back to His presence. I have to make a conscious effort to experience Him in my daily prayer time, through the Bible scriptures, the commentaries, even during my daily commute.

I realized my shortcomings. I still shy away from the challenge of boldly proclaiming God’s word. As talkative as I am, I am not very vocal about expressing my beliefs (my close friends can attest to this.) I’m afraid of being judged. I don’t want to be vulnerable. I’m pressured to exude that aura of independence and strength – so as not to appear vulnerable. I know that these are cowardly reasons for not proclaiming God’s love. But I’ve been using this for the past years. I realize now that this is precisely the challenge that I have to overcome. This has been the devil’s subtle way of hindering me from following God’s way. Now I say, no more! I need to go over that hump. God’s love is like an ever-consuming fire within me which I have to share (or else I’ll burst) so that God can bless other people through me. This should be my ultimate battlecry! 

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Teacher Named Mila

I'm sure at one point in our lives we'll meet someone who makes a deep and lasting impact. It could be a classmate, officemate, a public figure, a teacher, or even a total stranger.

I can still remember the buckets of tears I shed when I was reading Mitch Albom's Tuesdays with Morrie. I also had one such teacher. She was my professor in Hum 1 and more than the lessons in literature, I will always remember her exciting stories about the revolution during the Marcos dictatorship - how she and her husband went underground and lived with the rebels in Mindanao. Sadly, her husband died fighting for his ideals.

After that class, we lost contact. I graduated from the university, but after a one-year hiatus, I was back again to pursue my MA. Until now, I'm still prowling the hallowed halls of Malcolm. But I never forgot Ma'am Mila.

Recently, I was able to reconnect with her through FB and I was elated to know that she remembered me. hehe. I wasn't sure if I made a good impression but if a teacher remembers a student after all these years, then she must have seen something in me.
She has not changed. She still wears the same printed blouses and her smile hasn't changed a bit. And she can still engage us in a very lively discussion about anything under the sun - from academics, to politics, to business and especially faith.

With that meeting, I was reminded to dream again. Filipinos should learn how to become business minded. We have a lot of potential. That's the only way to improve our situation. Its time that we veer away from the employee mindset and start thinking like business owners. One will never become rich by being an employee and working for other people in his lifetime.

Know your gift, nurture it, develop it, and pursue it - then you wouldn't have to work for the rest of your life.

Just like the movie Mila, starring Maricel Morales, I will always treasure the lessons that Ma'am Mila taught me and I hope that someday, I will have a chance to pass it on to others.

Thank you Ma'am.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

nuggets of wisdom

Many people are afraid of growing old. I'm afraid of growing old and boring. Many people are afraid of growing old, alone. I'm afraid of growing old, insane. Many people are afraid of losing their looks. I'm afraid of losing my dreams. Many people are afraid of losing youth. I'm afraid of losing my soul.

When you're 15, 35 seems ancient. When you're 35, 15 seems juvenile. A turnaround in a split second - two decades zoom past and before you know it, it's only a mile to the next millennium. Don't fear age - it's a right of personhood. Don't fear death - it's God's greatest jest. Don't grow old - you don't have to.

Don't date because you're desperate. Don't marry because you're miserable. Don't have kids because you think your genes are superior. Don't separate because you think it's fashionable. Don't drink because you have troubles. Don't gamble because you think winning is inevitable. Don't philander because you think you're irresistible. Most likely, you're not.

Don't associate with people you can't trust. Don't cheat. Don't lie. Don't pretend. Don't try to buy your way into the kingdom of God. Don't dictate because you're smarter. Don't demand because you're stronger. Don't sleep around because you think you're old enough and know better. Don't hurt your kids because loving them is harder. Don't sell yourself, your family or your ideals. Don't stagnate. Don't regress. Learn a new skill. Find a new friend. Start a new career. Don't live in the past. Time can't bring anything or anyone back. Don't put your life on hold for possibly Mr. Right. Don't throw your life away on absolutely Mr. Wrong because your biological clock is ticking and you can't afford to have your eggs harvested before the new millennium.

There's always a mad rush to something, somewhere but victory does not always belong to those who finish first. Sometimes, there is no race to be won only a price to be paid for some of life's more hasty decisions. You can't always go with the throng who could be wrong. Sometimes, you have to be alone to be enlightened.

To terminate your loneliness, reach out to the homeless. To feed your nurturing instincts, care for the needy. To fulfill your parenting fantasies, get a puppy. Don't bring another life into this world for all the wrong reasons. To keep yourself warm, buy a jacket. In the long-run, it will be less complicated and less costly. To make yourself happy, pursue your passions and be the best of what you can be.

Simplify your life. Take away the clutter. Get rid of destructive elements -- abusive friends, nasty habits and dangerous liaisons. Don't abandon your responsibilities but don't overdose on duty. Don't live life recklessly without thought and feeling for your family. Be true to yourself. Don't commit when you're not ready. Don't keep others waiting needlessly. Fall in love - it's the greatest thing on earth. But take care and remember, after the fall must come the rise.

Go on that trip. Don't postpone it. Say those words. Don't let the moment pass. Do what you must even at society's scorn. Write poetry. Love deeply. Walk barefoot. Hold hands. Dance with wild abandon. Cry at the movies. Take care of yourself. Don't wait for someone to take care of you. You light up your life. You drive yourself to your destination. No one completes you - except you.

It is true that life doesn't get easier with age. It only gets more challenging. Don't be afraid. Don't lose your capacity to love. Pursue your passions. Live your dreams. Don't lose faith in God. Don't grow old. Just grow up.

An article from Sun-Star
By Melanie T. Lim

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Poverty inspires creativity

For the record, I don't really consider myself as poor, or even my family for that matter. Let's just say that we're in a temporary financial setback which I already explained in my previous post(s). I'm learning a LOT from this experience and one of my most treasured lesson is that poverty inspires creativity. You learn to be innovative with your scarce resources since you wouldn't want to waste anything on useless stuff. I was able to prove this "theory" one Sunday.

A typical Sunday for me and my siblings is to go to church then eat lunch together. Since I'm on a tight budget, we usually eat at Lutong Bahay (LB). Its the usual haunt for students and dormers who want to eat homecooked dishes without having to spend too much. Come to think of it, when I was a student I rarely eat at LB since I was on a tighter budget. I can survive a day with just a can of pork and beans and a cup of rice. Anyway, I had a dilemma last weekend because I only had 200 pesos in my wallet. If we were to eat at LB, it wouldn't be enough to feed four mouths for lunch. I was thinking about it since Saturday and when I passed by the mini-market stall in Philcoa, I decided to buy half a kilo of fish so that we can have fish tinola for lunch because its the easiest dish to cook. The next morning, as I was preparing to go to mass I thought of an idea - why don't we just go on a picnic and eat lunch together by the sunken garden or lagoon. Wouldn't that be more enjoyable? When I checked my stock of groceries, I realized I had several canned goods which we can eat for lunch. These dishes would be easier to bring than the tinola. So, I opened two cans of tuna, a can of corned beef and my favorite pork and beans, heat it in the microwave, and cooked pancit canton. Voila! It was an instant feast.

When I informed my siblings that we would be having a picnic, the look on their faces were priceless. I even brought my poi set for some entertainment. Of course, I later informed them that it was part of our austerity measures. ;) I will forever treasure that moment and I'm sure they'll do too. Even if we were just partaking of canned goods and instant noodles, it seemed like a feast fit for a king. Not even a million peso dinner at Le Cirque can beat that ;)

Lesson learned: Happiness is always a choice. No matter how dire the circumstances, as long as you stay optimistic that everything will turn out right in the end, then there's no need to fret. Do not let your faith waver! Find joy in the simplest of things and always be grateful for each blessing.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Youthful Innocence

This afternoon, I was able to attend my zipping class at the QC circle. Thanks to Prof. Dio who dismissed us earlier than usual, I was able to zip again. And zip I did, although I am really looking forward to the day when I'll be able to burn, burn, burn. Don't get me wrong, I am not a pyromaniac or anything, but I just want to experience the thrill of making loops, twists and turns with a poi on fire. The excitement is killing me.

Anyway, I digress. This post won't be about my poi class, I'll reserve that for another entry. I just wanted to share my experience of watching three children, lying on asphalt, cloud gazing and laughing over a private joke. It made me smile and think about what's waiting for them in the future. They looked so carefree and innocent but its sad to note that those are stolen moments of freedom. They were at the park to beg for money, not to play. At a very young age, they must have come face to face with some of society's evils. But for that one fleeting moment, they can escape reality and be children again - carefree and hopeful.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Convention of Those Wounded In Love

I got this from Paulo Coelho's blog. It made me laugh because its so true. I wonder how many ratifications this convention got.

At least now I can say, I have lived!

General provisions:

A – Whereas the saying “all is fair in love and war” is absolutely correct;

B – Whereas for war we have the Geneva Convention, approved on 22 August 1864, which provides for those wounded in the battle field, but until now no convention has been signed concerning those wounded in love, who are far greater in number;

It is hereby decreed that:

Article 1 – All lovers, of any sex, are alerted that love, besides being a blessing, is also something extremely dangerous, unpredictable and capable of causing serious damage. Consequently, anyone planning to love should be aware that they are exposing their body and soul to various types of wounds, and that they shall not be able to blame their partner at any moment, since the risk is the same for both.

Article 2 – Once struck by a stray arrow fired from Cupid’s bow, they should immediately ask the archer to shoot the same arrow in the opposite direction, so as not to be afflicted by the wound known as “unrequited love”. Should Cupid refuse to perform such a gesture, the Convention now being promulgated demands that the wounded partner remove the arrow from his/her heart and throw it in the garbage. In order to guarantee this, those concerned should avoid telephone calls, messages over the Internet, sending flowers that are always returned, or each and every means of seduction, since these may yield results in the short run but always end up wrong after a while. The Convention decrees that the wounded person should immediately seek the company of other people and try to control the obsessive thought: “this person is worth fighting for”.

Article 3 – If the wound is caused by third parties, in other words if the loved one has become interested in someone not in the script previously drafted, vengeance is expressly forbidden. In this case, it is allowed to use tears until the eyes dry up, to punch walls or pillows, to insult the ex-partner in conversations with friends, to allege his/her complete lack of taste, but without offending their honor. The Convention determines that the rule contained in Article 2 be applied: seek the company of other persons, preferably in places different from those frequented by the other party.

Article 4 – In the case of light wounds, herein classified as small treacheries, fulminating passions that are short-lived, passing sexual disinterest, the medicine called Pardon should be applied generously and quickly. Once this medicine has been applied, one should never reconsider one’s decision, not even once, and the theme must be completely forgotten and never used as an argument in a fight or in a moment of hatred.

Article 5 – In all definitive wounds, also known as “breaking up”, the only medicine capable of having an effect is called Time. It is no use seeking consolation from fortune-tellers (who always say that the lost lover will return), romantic books (which always have a happy ending), soap-operas on the television or other such things. One should suffer intensely, completely avoiding drugs, tranquilizers and praying to saints. Alcohol is only tolerated if kept to a maximum of two glasses of wine a day.

Final determination : Those wounded in love, unlike those wounded in armed conflict, are neither victims nor torturers. They chose something that is part of life, and so they have to accept both the agony and the ecstasy of their choice.

And those who have never been wounded in love will never be able to say: “I have lived”. Because they haven’t.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Savage Garden

I believe the sun should never set upon an argument
I believe we place our happiness in other people's hands
I believe that junk food tastes so good because it's bad for you
I believe your parents did the best job they knew how to do
I believe that beauty magazines promote low self esteem
I believe I'm loved when I'm completely by myself alone

I believe in Karma what you give is what you get returned
I believe you can't appreciate real love 'til you've been burned
I believe the grass is no more greener on the other side
I believe you don't know what you've got until you say goodbye

I believe you can't control or choose your sexuality
I believe that trust is more important than monogamy
I believe your most attractive features are your heart and soul
I believe that family is worth more than money or gold
I believe the struggle for financial freedom is unfair

I believe the only ones who disagree are millionaires

I believe in Karma what you give is what you get returned
I believe you can't appreciate real love 'til you've been burned
I believe the grass is no more greener on the other side
I believe you don't know what you've got until you say goodbye

I believe forgiveness is the key to your own happiness
I believe that wedded bliss negates the need to be undressed
I believe that God does not endorse tv evangelists
I believe in love surviving death into eternity

I believe in Karma what you give is what you get returned
I believe you can't appreciate real love 'til you've been burned
I believe the grass is no more greener on the other side
I believe you don't know what you've got until you say goodbye(Repeat 2)
Until you say goodbye

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Stop Going Through The Motions

Song appreciation time for me. I'm currently hooked to this amazing man's songs and the message that he conveys. This particular song struck me. I want to stop going through the motions. I don't know where this road is leading but I'm pretty sure that the One who's leading me knows the way.

Matthew West
This might hurt, it's not safe
But I know that I've gotta make a change
I don't care if I break,
At least I'll be feeling something
'Cause just okay is not enough
Help me fight through the nothingness of life

I don't wanna go through the motions
I don't wanna go one more day
without Your all consuming passion inside of me
I don't wanna spend my whole life asking,
"What if I had given everything,
instead of going through the motions?"

No regrets, not this time
I'm gonna let my heart defeat my mind
Let Your love make me whole
I think I'm finally feeling something
'Cause just okay is not enough
Help me fight through the nothingness of this life

'Cause I don't wanna go through the motions
I don't wanna go one more day
without Your all consuming passion inside of me
I don't wanna spend my whole life asking,
"What if I had given everything,
instead of going through the motions?"

take me all the way (take me all the way)
take me all the way ('cause I don't wanna go through the motions)
take me all the way (I know I'm finally feeling something real)
take me all the way

I don't wanna go through the motions
I don't wanna go one more day
without Your all consuming passion inside of me
I don't wanna spend my whole life asking,
"What if I had given everything,
instead of going through the motions?"

I don't wanna go through the motions
I don't wanna go one more day
without Your all consuming passion inside of me
I don't wanna spend my whole life asking,
"What if I had given everything,
instead of going through the motions?"

take me all the way (take me all the way)
take me all the way (I don't wanna go, I don't wanna go)
take me all the way (through the motions)
take me all the way

I don't wanna go through the motions

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Being Peter Pan

Since, I can't get enough of MJ videos, I put my time to good use by transcribing some of his answers which reveal much about his personality. The reason why his performances are so energetic and moving is that he truly lived his songs.

 What they get from me, I get from them. My greatest inspiration comes from the kids. Every song I write, every dance I do, and every poem I write is all inspired from that level of innocence, that consciousness of purity and children have that. I see God in the face of children and I love being around that all the time.

 I am very sensitive to their pain and I’m very sensitive to family, the human condition on that subject. It means a lot to me and I want to help in whatever way I can.

 Always give the best to the company.

 That’s what the world needs now, more love and more heart. Broken homes is an outcry for attention from kids. They want love, they want to be touched, they want to be hugged and held. We need to bond again.

 Peter Pan, to me, represents something that is very special in my heart. He represents youth, childhood, never growing up, magic, flying, everything. I think that children and wonderment and magic what its all about – and to me I never grown out of loving that and taking that as very special. I am Peter Pan in my heart.

 Dancing is all about feeling, not about thinking. So when they count, they’re thinking. Become the base, become the drums, become the guitar.

*This Childhood song speaks a lot about what he's been through.

Making a Dent in the Universe

Friday, July 10, 2009

My Eleven Peso Lesson

9 July 2009

Tonight, I learned a very valuable lesson – to be grateful despite this financial setback that I am in.

Tonight, I only have eleven pesos left in my wallet. The house rent is overdue and I can’t endure the somewhat “accusing” tone that my housemate said to me. I have to give the weekly allowance to my three siblings. EVen if I gave them my last 200 peso bill yesterday, I know it will not be enough. My parents are also having financial difficulties back home so I know I can’t burden them with all these concerns.

The pressure is building up and I can’t help but cry in order to release all these. Time to let go of all these tears that I’ve been bottling inside me for the past months. I may be crying out of helplessness. This is it, I've hit rock bottom. But one part of me says I’m not helpless. I know I’m still blessed, overblessed even. Money should be the least of my problems. To illustrate, let me enumerate my blessings so that I’ll always be reminded of the reasons for my gratefulness:

  1. I’ve got a loving family who remains united throughout these trials. I get my support from them, and they from me. I always tell my father that at least money is our only problem. Its very easy to find a solution to this financial problem. We are also blessed with excellent health.
  2. I still have a job. Even if I haven’t received my salary for almost three months, I just think of it as forced savings.
  3. I am still able to go to school and enjoy myself in the learning process. I have supportive blockmates who make this lost school experience more bearable.
  4. I’ve got sincere and genuine friends who will never let me down and who manage to keep in touch despite our busy schedules. I can feel their concern for me even if we don’t see each other often.
  5. I finally came to my senses after enduring months of uncertainty. I now understand that it will not work and that I should stop wasting my time for someone who do not appreciate the attention.

The future looks very bright. I have lots to be thankful for. This is just a minor setback. I know I have to learn something from this experience and that is to be grateful for what I have, for the simple blessings in life. But after this, I know I’ll never live in want again. I swear, I’ll never worry about money again. I believe I’ll have an abundance of wealth. But more importantly, I’ll have an abundance of non-material blessings like love of family and friends, contentment, and gratefulness. Money is just material – it wouldn’t last. May this experience remind me of the more important things in life. I will never, ever be fixated on earning money that I’ll forget about the essential things.

Tonight, I celebrate my freedom from these material things because I know I have a very generous God who will never leave me and who showers me with many blessings, essential blessings. I thank you for making me realize this. I know I’ll never live in want again because I know that You know all my needs and You will provide me with it.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

MJ's purpose

I just finished watching Oprah's interview with MJ done in the 90's and i got some wonderful insights into the personality of this amazing man.

O: Do you understand that there's a bigger hand at work here?
MJ: I believe in God, absolutely.

O: Everybody comes to this world for a reason, I think most of us spend our lives trying to figure out what the purpose of our being here is. What do you think your purpose is?
MJ: My purpose? Oh boy, I think my purpose is to give in the best way I can through song, and through dance, and through music. I am committed to my art. I believe that all art has its ultimate goal - the union between the material and the spiritual, the human and the divine. I believe that to be the reason of the very existence of art and I feel I was chosen as an instrument to give music, and love, and harmony to the world, to children of all ages, and adults, and teenagers.

I think he was prepared to go. He already fulfilled his purpose in life and he was able to inspire a lot of people of all ages and races to be true to themselves and give their best in everything that they do.

Someday, I wish I would know my purpose too and find my place in the greater scheme of things.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

MJ Mania

He sure touched the lives of many and will always be remembered as the King of Pop!
Sometimes, I wonder if things would've turned out differently for him if he wasn't abused as a child? Or if was born in the 21st century?

Maybe he was just born ahead of his time, like most of the other geniuses. Due to his superstar status, people cannot quite accept the fact that he's just a human being, that he's fallible. Despite that, nobody can deny the fact that he's a musical genius who broke racial and cultural boundaries.

I'm sure whatever his mission was in this world, he fulfilled it 110%. Maybe that's why he was already taken out of this world - so that he can keep on making music in heaven minus all the complications that people concoct.

The Legend lives on...

Monday, June 22, 2009

final chase

from ambiguous minds

if you turn around and look
will there still be something to see?
scent or shadows...
the traces of me..

i am stopping now.
no plans of staying..
no plans of chasing you back.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I don't know what's wrong with me. I haven't been functioning well for the past few days. I just can't seem to find the drive to move. there's a certain level of restlessness again. a certain level of discontent with what I'm doing and where I am right now.

Monday, June 1, 2009

The ABCs of Learning

The results of Donna Manlangit's learning inventory are:

Visual/Nonverbal 26 Visual/Verbal 30 Auditory 26 Kinesthetic 36

Your primary learning style is:

The Tactile/ Kinesthetic Learning Style

You learn best when physically engaged in a "hands on" activity. In the classroom, you benefit from a lab setting where you can manipulate materials to learn new information. You learn best when you can be physically active in the learning environment. You benefit from instructors who encourage in-class demonstrations, "hands on" student learning experiences, and field work outside the classroom.

Strategies for the Tactile/ Kinesthetic Learner:

To help you stay focused on class lecture, sit near the front of the room and take notes throughout the class period. Don't worry about correct spelling or writing in complete sentences. Jot down key words and draw pictures or make charts to help you remember the information you are hearing.

When studying, walk back and forth with textbook, notes, or flashcards in hand and read the information out loud.

Think of ways to make your learning tangible, i.e. something you can put your hands on. For example, make a model that illustrates a key concept. Spend extra time in a lab setting to learn an important procedure. Spend time in the field (e.g. a museum, historical site, or job site) to gain first-hand experience of your subject matter.

To learn a sequence of steps, make 3'x 5' flashcards for each step. Arrange the cards on a table top to represent the correct sequence. Put words, symbols, or pictures on your flashcards -- anything that helps you remember the information. Use highlighter pens in contrasting colors to emphasize important points. Limit the amount of information per card to aid recall. Practice putting the cards in order until the sequence becomes automatic.

When reviewing new information, copy key points onto a chalkboard, easel board, or other large writing surface.

Make use of the computer to reinforce learning through the sense of touch. Using word processing software, copy essential information from your notes and textbook. Use graphics, tables, and spreadsheets to further organize material that must be learned.

Listen to audio tapes on a Walkman tape player while exercising. Make your own tapes containing important course information.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Taften Dream Destinations

Libre naman mangarap, di ba? Well, I have this habit of picturing myself in one place and I keep that picture in mind so that one day I'll be able to visit that place. So, here's my Taften Dream Destinations in the Philippines. Siyempre, dapat hindi tayo maging dayuhan sa sarili nating bansa kaya Hello Philippines muna ako bago mag Hello World!

1. Batanes

2. El Nido, Palawan

3. Pink Island, Zamboanga City

4. Mt. Pulag, Benguet

5. Plantation Bay, Cebu

6. Enchanted River, Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur

7. Camotes Island, Cebu

8. Apo Reef, Occidental Mindoro

9. Mt. Apo, Davao

10. Caramoan, Camarines Sur

Someday, somehow, I'll be able to visit these places and still be alive to tell the tale. (",)

Tara, biyahe tayo!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Billboard Model Wannabe

Get ready for narcissism at its finest!

Cheers to the face which sank a thousand ships!!! (",)

Donna's Hyper-market


Four-Leaf Cover

Pinay in New York

Stuffed Meating

And the last, but definitely not the least...

The Impossible Dream

You can also give in to your narcissistic tendencies. Go to and make your own billboards. Have fun! :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

You Love, You Learn

After A While
by Veronica A. Shoffstall

After a while you learn
the subtle difference between
holding a hand and chaining a soul
and you learn
that love doesn't mean leaning
and company doesn't always mean security.
And you begin to learn
that kisses aren't contracts
and presents aren't promises
and you begin to accept your defeats
with your head up and your eyes ahead
with the grace of woman, not the grief of a child
and you learn
to build all your roads on today
because tomorrow's ground is
too uncertain for plans
and futures have a way of falling down
in mid-flight.

After a while you learn
that even sunshine burns
if you get too much
so you plant your own garden
and decorate your own soul
instead of waiting for someone
to bring you flowers.
And you learn that you really can endure
you really are strong
you really do have worth
and you learn
and you learn
with every goodbye, you learn...

Learning the Art of Forgetting

"No effort of the will can shut out memory; there is no art of forgetting."

-180 SCRA 235

L[aw]st Story

Folks, its judgment time!

Now, we are way past our subjective phase, when we can still do something to change our grades for this sem - all the acts of execution were accomplished.

For now, I'd just like to enjoy what's left of the summer, reflect on the academic year that was, and hope against hope that I would move on to the next level of craziness in l[aw]st school.

Here's an example of what lost school can do to a person who decided to learn law in the grand manner. (",)

L[aw]st Story

Lyrics by: Faithfaithfaith
Sing to the tune of Love Story by Taylor Swift

Love Story - Taylor Swift Music Code

I was a little young when I first saw you
I close my eyes
And the flashback starts
I'm standing there
Being grilled for my first recit

See the fright
See the terror in my eyes
I hear you ask some weird things, I don't understand
And say "Oh girl, you will die in law school"

That you were Rowie M., you were throwing fireballs
And my friends say omg she's teaching oblicon
And I was crying on the staircase
Begging you please don't fail me, and I said

Rowie M. don't fail me or I'll murder you when you're alone
I'll be waiting in the dark and you can't run
You'll be the prey and I'll be the hunter
It's a law story, Rowie just say tres

So I sneak up right behind,hack you with this bolo
You keep quiet 'cause you'll be dead if they knew
So close your eyes
Think about what you'll give me

'Cause you were Rowie M., I was an aggrieved student
And my friends say spare her she's Angel's lawyer
But you weren't listening to me
I was begging you please don't fail me and I said

Rowie I'll take you somewhere we can be alone
I'll be waiting, you can't hide and you can't run
You'll be the witch and I'll be the angry mob
It's a law story Rowie just say tres

Rowie just save me, and I'll spare you from everything
This course is difficult, but its pre-req
Don't be afraid, just help me out of this mess
It's a law story Rowie just say tres
Oh oh

I got tired of waiting
Wondering if you were ever coming around
My faith in you is fading
When I met you on the outskirts of Malcolm, and I said

Rowie save me I can't take this course again
I keep waiting but you never ever decide
Is this in my head? I don't know what to think
She knelt to the ground and pulled out a classcard

And said, "You passed faithfaithfaith
You'll never have to kill me
I know you, you'll make a mighty fine lawyer
I talked to the dean, and he'll make you OPF now
It's a law story baby I just said tres

Oh, oh, oh, oh

And here's a Piano-Cello version of this song which was arranged by Jon Schmidt for his little daughter.

When Love Story meets Viva Vida Loca


How many things do we do out of reflex?
According to my favorite encyclopedia, Wikipedia, reflex is an involuntary and nearly instantaneous movement in response to a stimulus.

One funny experience reminded me of this question this morning. I was singing my current favorite song (Seasons of Love, if you must know) when I walked out of the house. As I was riding the tryk, I tried to remember if I locked the front door or not. I couldn't, for the life of me, recall if I did lock the door. Then I thought of all the possible grim scenarios, in case I left the door open. The would-be burglars could not be charged with Art. 299, Robbery with force upon things, since they do not have to break any door or window - they just have to walk through the door which I left open. They can only be charged with Theft and Trespass to Dwelling. Wait, I digress. (got a bad case of Crim 2 hangover)

Anyway, to ease all my doubts, I asked the driver to go back so that I can check the door. Guess what, its locked! :) I apparently closed the door out of reflex since I go out of that door every morning. It has already become part of my system and has become a reflex action.

Now, back to the question. Or maybe, a more relevant question would be: How many of these reflex actions are so important that we should also savor it, put some value into it, and not merely do it out of reflex? Another interesting question would be: What actions should we do habitually so that eventually we can do it out of reflex?

Just keep thinking... just keep thinking...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

180 degree turn around

via wears heart on sleeve

and for once in your life, you need to walk away and suffer the loneliness.. because you believe that one day in the far and distant future, you’ll be happy. and not so cracked and broken anymore. and you won’t cry anymore. and when you smile, it won’t be a fa├žade- it will be real. and that empty heart-shaped black hole in your chest will slowly fade back to a healthy pink color. and you’ll know that all the pain, all the sadness, everything you feel when you’re crying yourself to sleep.. it’s gone. and you’re stronger for it.

but until then, it’s going to hurt.. and you’re going to cry. and it’s going to continue to be the worst times of your life. and you’re going to wonder how long it’s going to take. and you will fake that smile until your face hurts. and you will drink until you forget. and then you will remember in the morning. and every day, it will hit you like a ton of bricks. and every night, you will wonder where he is, and what he is doing, and if he’s thinking about you too. and you will cry, you will cry, you will cry until you think you’re out of tears. but they will continue to fall...

Prayer of Uncertainty

"My Lord God, I have no idea where I am going. I do not see the road ahead of me. I cannot know for certain where it will end. Nor do I really know myself, and the fact that I think I am following your will does not mean that I am actually doing so. But I believe that the desire to please you does in fact please you. And I hope that I have that desire in all that I am doing. I hope that I will never do anything apart from that desire. And I know that if I do this you will lead me by the right road though I may know nothing about it. Therefore will I trust you always though I may seem to be lost and in the shadow of death. I will not fear, for you are ever with me, and will never leave me to face my perils alone.”

-Thomas Merton

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Taften Signs that you are Lost in Law School

I got this list from Kaleidoscope Eyes and added some tell-tale signs. You might want to add too.

1. You consider dropping out of law school approximately every hour, but after that first semester you realized you were already in too much debt to be anything other than a lawyer.

2. The drama in your life now rivals that of high school.

3. You are truly and deeply unnerved by the thought of some of your classmates becoming attorneys

4. You wonder if that one professor who always seems angry and irritable and treats students’ minds as his personal playground is actually a sociopath or just didn’t get enough hugs as a child.

5. Sometimes during disagreements you are tempted to argue with complete legal basis the offending friend or family member without him understanding what you said.

6. You can’t remember if you decided to come to law school because you wanted to help people and make a difference in the world or because you hate yourself.

7. You think whoever first introduced the Socratic method into the law school curriculum should have his face lit on fire and then beaten out with a rake.

8. When someone is expressing their frustration or anger about something that is in any way related to the law, you can’t be sympathetic because you’re too busy figuring out in your head if they have a cause of action.

9. You hear about the death of an elderly friend or relative and wonder if they died intestate.

10. You have considered changing career paths to hot dog vendor, stilt walker, or career alcoholic.

Instead of saying, Thank God its Friday, you exclaim, Oh no, Its Friday. (meaning, you'll have to read up on the assigned readings for your whole day class on Saturday.)

You get into the habit of standing up when your professor walks in.

When you become more prayerful than before because you are not ready for recits.

You already forgot the meaning of sembreak and summer break because all your exams are super extended.

You gain several (okay, many pounds) because all you want to do after a traumatic exam is - EAT!

Friday, May 1, 2009

zip, zip and away!

Just a quick post before I leave for Batangas... again! :)

I uberly enjoyed my first zipping session, thanks to my patient teacher, Lala, who happens to be my classmate from MA Psych. Its a small world after all. Anyway, zipping is not as easy as it looks. It needs eye-hand coordination movement and a certain level of concentration. Today, I just learned the basics. Forgot the terms though, but I do have to practice on a few routines. And I also bought my very first pair of poi. Yey! I'll elaborate on this later when I get back.

For now, I'm off to another spur of the moment adventure with good ole friends. :)

laboring on labor day

Yep! While everybody's out of town and enjoying their long weekend i, I had to report to the office and be the taumbahay. Well, I didn't mind it one bit. I thought I'd have more time to study and catch up on my readings. BUT, there were more exciting things in store for me.

First, I remembered that I wanted to look up on available classes about zipping. We were discussing about it in the office and I really want to try that sport. Then I chanced upon this multiply site Planet Zips and checked out their classes. Apparently, they are offering summer classes in QC so I was just in time for the second session. Another pleasant surprise, the instructor's name sounded familiar. So, I texted her and inquired if she's the same Lala from my MA Psych class. What a coincidence! She has always inspired me to try zipping especially when I see her zipping in the company video promoting the Ayala Malls. So, tomorrow, I'll be learning a new sport/hobby - zipping. Wish I could also try fire zipping in the future.

Second, I went out for lunch with a textmate, a cousin of a friend. haha! I don't think that was a date, t'was just a meet-up. At least, I got free lunch. :) It was a weird experience. I don't really like going out on dates because I'm uncomfortable of putting myself out there. And besides, I haven't "fully recovered" yet. As expected, it was a disaster. Sorry for saying this, but I didn't like his company one bit. He was looking for a wife, not a date. Afraid! Oh, I do hope I won't see him again. Harsh! :)

Third, I played badminton with my badminton buddies whom I haven't seen in a while. I missed playing that sport and I missed my playmates. ;p

Lastly, a friend invited me to check out a franchising business. At first I was apprehensive because I still haven't recovered from my burgerrific experience. I learned several lessons from that failed experiment but I consider it as my crash course in MBA. This new business has a big potential. But I think I'll take my time to study it first so that I wouldn't make the same mistakes all over again.

All in all, t'was truly a great day. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to open my books. Owel, there's always tomorrow. Procrastination at its finest! hehe

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

answered prayer

God truly has His ways of answering our prayers with His own perfect timing. After almost five years of being an "aliping sagigilid", my efforts are finally rewarded. I got promoted to another step in the civil service ladder. Yey! (music on: celebrate good times, come on!) Now, I don't have to sing Alanis' Hand in My Pocket and belting out the line, "I'm young and I'm underpaid!" for emphasis. This is a very welcome blessing because I've been praying for this in a long time and it came at a time when I least expect it. :)

Monday, April 27, 2009

superhuman [not]

The bittersweet feeling of first love and the lessons that came with it.

I realized that I'm not invincible after all, I'm still human and very much capable of loving. :) I thought I've become so indifferent to these feelings till it came to a point when I really thought I can ever have any romantic feelings for another person. Well, this experience proves otherwise. I can be happy, giddy and stupid for love. I can throw caution to the wind and live for the moment. But thankfully, I still have a good head on my shoulders and I was still able to think clearly. Although there were moments of indecision but thank God, the pragmatist in me prevailed.

Love has the effect of sometimes clouding my judgment and perception. I realize now that I must have fallen for an ideal image of him which I kept in my head and heart for the longest time, just waiting for an affirmation. And when he made just a tiny little gesture of affection, that image was affirmed. I realize now that I must not let this heady feeling cloud my judgment. I have to see things for what they are, and not for what I imagined them to be.

There are two sides to loving - being happy with the one you love and being hurt by that same person. One doesn't exist without the other. When you love, you open yourself to hurts and disappointments. That's the risk that you have to take. I took that risk and I came out of it alive. Yes, it was painful but I understood the situation. It was well worth the risk.

Never let go of your ideals. This is what kept me grounded and made me realize a few things. Be true to yourself and your feelings. Recognize the feelings, acknowledge them and feel them. Then, if its time to let go, move on. Know that you have a better life ahead of you.

A text message from a good friend sums it all:
The best part of being in love is when you just love a person and be happy about it, even if that person can never be yours, even if you know that it can't last forever. Its not about winning someone. Its not about owning a relationship. Its just about being happy because you just loved and loved unselfishly. :)

now, its time to move on...

Dive and Trek Adventure

I thought summer would just come and go without me having my day under the sun. But last Sunday, I went on a spur-of-the moment adventure and went snorkelling with newfound friends in Batangas. How did that happen? There's actually a short story behind it. A few weeks ago, my friend Joms invited me to an intro dive getaway with her SFC Meco chapter. Unfortunately, I opted not to go because it was the weekend before my final exam in Crim 2. I knew I'd be cramming by that time. However, I was reminded about the invite last Saturday when my housemate informed me that she's joining the group. I felt left out and since I was already feeling nauseated with all the crimes that I've been studying, I decided right then and there to join them. Alas, there was no more slot in the van for me. That's what I got for dilly-dallying on my decision. But that evening, Kring, another friend from YFC, invited me to have dinner with some good friends to celebrate her graduation. Since Joms was also invited, I asked her about their plans for Sunday and expressed my disappointment that I wouldn't be able to join them. By sheer coincidence, Kring and her friends are also going to the same island on that same day. So, I decided to tag along. :) And that's how I managed to break out of my routine and spent my Sunday in Batangas.

It was very liberating. I never realized how much I missed the outdoors until we were
travelling through SLEX. I really, really, love to travel but ever since I entered lost school, I didn't get to travel as often as I wanted to - for obvious reasons. So, I relished the thought that I wouldn't have to stay in my room the whole day trying to distinguish one crime from the other. I'm actually going on a diving adventure and road tripping with people I barely know. We left early, missed a few turns,got lost a few times but managed to get to our destination. What I love about this kind of adventure is that I didn't know what to expect. There's a certain level of thrill to that kind of uncertainty.

We went to Dive and Trek, a marine sanctuary in Batangas. Since Kring "knew" some people in the island, they allowed us to use their facilities for free. I actually wanted to try the intro dive but I didn't persist because there were a lot of people in the other group. Maybe I'll just try it next time. Well, we snorkelled the whole morning and I just loved the underwater scene. Another fascination in the island is a dog named Bogart. He's a brilliant retriever and I was amazed by his sheer size and his capacity to retrieve the water bottle, even diving under water.

We left the island around 2pm. But spontaneous plans are about to unfold. We had dinner at a Bulaluhan in Tagaytay with a splendid view of the Taal Lake. For dessert, we proceeded to Bag of Beans, which is a quaint coffee shop by the roadside. I love the ambience and the desserts were uberly yummy.

All in all, I had so much fun. Well, it was also an effective way of forgetting ;) I'm definitely going back next weekend.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tribute to the Nice Girls

Got this from Thoughts on a Sunday and now I'm reposting it here.
By Jessica Leigh Griffith

This is my tribute to the nice girls. To the nice girls who are overlooked, who become friends and nothing more, who spend hours fixating upon their looks and their personalities and their actions because it must be they that are doing something wrong. This is for the girls who don’t give it up on the first date, who don’t want to play mind games, who provide a comforting hug and a supportive audience for a story they’ve heard a thousand times. This is for the girls who understand that they aren’t perfect and that the guys they’re interested in aren’t either, for the girls who flirt and laugh and worry and obsess over the slightest glance, whisper, touch, because somehow they are able to keep alive that hope that maybe… maybe this time he’ll have understood. This is an homage to the girls who laugh loud and often, who are comfortable in skirts and sweats and combat boots, who care more than they should for guys who don’t deserve their attention. This is for those girls who have been in the trenches, who have watched other girls time and time again fake up and make up and fuck up the guys in their lives without saying a word. This is for the girls who have been there from the beginning and have heard the trite words of advice, from “there are plenty of fish in the sea,” to “time heals all wounds.” This is to honor those girls who know that guys are just as scared as they are, who know that they deserve better, who are seeking to find it.

This is for the girls who have never been in love, but know that it’s an experience that they don’t want to miss out on. For the girls who have sought a night with friends and been greeted by a night of catcalling, rude comments and explicit invitations that they’d rather not have experienced. This is for the girls who have spent their weekends sitting on the sidelines of a beer pong tournament or a case race, or playing Florence Nightingale for a vomiting guy friend or a comatose crush, who have received a drunk phone call just before dawn from someone who doesn’t care enough to invite them over but is still willing to pass out in their bed. This is for the girls who have left sad song lyrics in their away messages, who have tried to make someone understand through a subliminally appealing profile, who have time and time again dropped their male friend hint after hint after hint only to watch him chase after the first blonde girl in a skirt. This is for the girls who have been told that they’re too good or too smart or too pretty, who have been given compliments as a way of breaking off a relationship, who have ever been told they are only wanted as a friend.

This one’s for the girls who you can take home to mom, but won’t because it’s easier to sleep with a whore than foster a relationship; this is for the girls who have been led on by words and kisses and touches, all of which were either only true for the moment, or never real to begin with. This is for the girls who have allowed a guy into their head and heart and bed, only to discover that he’s just not ready, he’s just not over her, he’s just not looking to be tied down; this is for the girls who believe the excuses because it’s easier to believe that it’s not that they don’t want you, it’s that they don’t want anyone. This is for the girls who have had their hearts broken and their hopes dashed by someone too cavalier to have cared in the first place; this is for the nights spent dissecting every word and syllable and inflection in his speech, for the nights when you’ve returned home alone, for the nights when you’ve seen from across the room him leaning a little too close, or standing a little too near, or talking a little too softly for the girl he’s with to be a random hookup. This is for the girls who have endured party after party in his presence, finally having realized that it wasn’t that he didn’t want a relationship: it was that he didn’t want you. I honor you for the night his dog died or his grandmother died or his little brother crashed his car and you held him, thinking that if you only comforted him just right, or said the right words, or rubbed his back in the right way then perhaps he’d realize what it was that he already had. This is for the night you realized that it would never happen, and the sunrise you saw the next morning after failing to sleep.

This is for the “I really like you, so let’s still be friends” comment after you read more into a situation than he ever intended; this is for never realizing that when you choose friends, you seldom choose those which make you cry yourself to sleep. This is for the hugs you’ve received from your female friends, for the nights they’ve reassured you that you are beautiful and intelligent and amazing and loyal and truly worthy of a great guy; this is for the despair you all felt as you sat in the aftermath of your tears, knowing that that night the only companionship you’d have was with a pillow and your teddy bear. This is for the girls who have been used and abused, who have endured what he was giving because at least he was giving something; this is for the stupidity of the nights we’ve believed that something was better than nothing, though his something was nothing we’d have ever wanted. This is for the girls who have been satisfied with too little and who have learned never to expect anything more: for the girls who don’t think that they deserve more, because they’ve been conditioned for so long to accept the scraps thrown to them by guys.

This is what I don’t understand. Men sit and question and whine that girls are only attracted to the mean guys, the guys who berate them and belittle them and don’t appreciate them and don’t want them; who use them for sex and think of little else than where their next conquest will be made. Men complain that they never meet nice girls, girls who are genuinely interested and compelling, who are intelligent and sweet and smart and beautiful; men despair that no good women want to share in their lives, that girls play mind games, that girls love to keep them hanging. Yet, men, I ask you: were you to meet one of these genuinely interested, thrillingly compelling, interesting and intelligent and sweet and beautiful and smart girls, were you to give her your number and wait for her to call… and if you were to receive a call from her the next day and she, in her truthful, loyal, intelligent and straightforward nice girl fashion, were to tell you that she finds you intriguing and attractive and interesting and worth her time and perhaps material from which she could fashion a boyfriend, would you or would you not immediately call your friends to tell them of the “stalker chick” you’d met the night prior, who called you and wore her heart on her sleeve and told the truth? And would you, or would you not, refuse to make plans with her, speak with her, see her again, and once again return to the bar or club or party scene and search once more for this “nice girl” who you just cannot seem to find? Because therein lies the truth, guys: we nice girls are everywhere. But you’re not looking for a nice girl. You’re not looking for someone genuinely interested in your intramural basketball game, or your anatomy midterm grade, or that argument you keep having with your father; you’re looking for a quick fix, a night when you can pretend to have a connection with another human being which is just as disposable as the condom you were using during it.

So don’t say you’re on the lookout for nice girls, guys, when you pass us up on every step you take. Sometimes we go undercover; sometimes we go in disguise: sometimes when that girl in the low cut shirt or the too tight miniskirt won’t answer your catcalls, sometimes you’re looking at a nice girl in whore’s clothing - - we might say we like the attention, we might blush and giggle and turn back to our friends, but we’re all thinking the same thing: “This isn’t me. Tomorrow morning, I’ll be wearing a t-shirt and flannel shorts, I’ll have slept alone and I’ll be making my hungover best friend breakfast. See through the disguise. See me.” You never do. Why? Because you only see the exterior, you only see the slutty girl who welcomes those advances. You don’t want the nice girl.. so don’t say you’re looking for a relationship: relationships take time and energy and intent, three things we’re willing to extend - - but in return, we’re looking for compassion and loyalty and trust, three things you never seem willing to express. Maybe nice guys finish last, but in the race they’re running they’re chasing after the whores and the sluts and the easy-targets… the nice girls are waiting at the finish line with water and towels and a congratulatory hug (and yes, if she’s a nice girl and she likes you, the sweatiness probably won’t matter), hoping against hope that maybe you’ll realize that they’re the ones that you want at the end of that silly race.

So maybe it won’t last forever. Maybe some of those guys in that race will turn in their running shoes and make their way to the concession stand where we’re waiting; however, until that happens, we still have each other, that silly race to watch, and all the chocolate we can eat (because what’s a concession stand at a race without some chocolate?)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Thought for the Day

Go for someone who's not only proud and glad to have you,

but will also take every risk and effort just to be with you.

Friday, April 10, 2009


I'm so sorry for the uber-delayed post. I just got home from the hospital yesterday. As much as I wanted to blog about my confinement experience while cooped up in my hospital bed, I couldn't summon enough strength to type a few words. I swear, those painkillers and antibiotics are draining the life out of me. But now, I know better. Its just a certain painkiller which causes the knockouts and I'm not taking any tablet if I can tolerate the pain.

Now, for a blow by blow account.

Last week, I consulted the doc about some skin problem that has been bothering me for the past few months and she recommended a minor surgery. Actually, it was my friend Star, who diagnosed the ailment and suggested the remedy which I abhorred. Since this ailment has become bothersome, I arranged to have the surgery last Tuesday so that I'll have enough time to recuperate. I had to say goodbye to my snorkelling plans somewhere in Batangas.

Tuesday morning came and I dragged myself to St. Luke's. Nobody was able to accompany me but all the nurses were asking if I had somebody with me. I'd like to say that I'm an independent woman and I don't need anybody. But this retort is uncalled for so I just assured me that my siblings and some officemates would be with me later in the afternoon.

It was my first time to be admitted in a hospital and it was kinda spooky. They hooked me up to an IV at around 2pm. I was just lying in that hospital bed like a pig waiting to be slaughtered. Then, I was rolled into the OR around 6:30, they injected me with the anesthesia and then there was darkness. I woke up around 10pm then they rolled me into my room.

After the operation, I felt like a bulldozer just ran through me and I was too groggy from the anesthesia and the medicines. I wouldn't want to go through that experience again. I was supposed to move out by Wednesday but they told me to wait for my doctor. She came by around 7pm and spent less than a minute with me. So much for doctor's courtesy. At least she gave me a clean bill of health, so by Thursday morning I was out of the hospital. I didn't want to stay there for another minute because the hospital atmosphere was draining the life out of me.

Even if the experience was not very pleasant, it gave me time to think and be thankful for the blessings that God gave me. It made me realize that I'm blessed with caring and thoughtful siblings who were willing to stick by me during my weakest moments when I can barely fend for myself. They didn't go all yucky on me when I was groping for a plastic bag so that I can vomit. They didn't mind sleeping in the sofa just to keep watch over me. I really felt loved and cared for, especially with the constant texts and calls from my parents who were deeply concerned. Nothing can really surpass the unconditional love of a family.

One thing's for sure, I'm never ever admitting myself again in a hospital for a very loooooonnnnnnnngggggg time.., :)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Taonglangit in Tinuy-an Falls

Are you wondering why this Little Niagara Falls made it to the top of my list?

Siyempre, this is the pride of Bislig City, my very own hometown. Personal bias aside, I do think this is the most majestic falls I've ever seen and its definitely worth visiting.

For those of you who did not know that Bislig even existed, it is located at the southeastern coast of Mindanao facing the Pacific Ocean, Bislig is 158 kms south of Butuan, 152 kms south of Tandag City, and 208 kilometers northeast of Davao City.

Tinuy-an Falls is a spectacular multi-tiered falls, three levels of which can easily be seen while a fourth one is hidden from view. It rises majestically to a height of a four-story building and a breathtaking width of 95 meters - said to be the widest in the country. It is nestled in a tropical rainforest with towering, century-old trees and exotic flora and fauna surrounding it. Why do i know all these? Because my brother is doing his landscape architecture thesis on Tinuy-an Falls and the WHOLE family is involved. :)Now, let me show you the various facets of this Little Niagara.

Visitors can also lounge around this makeshift bridge and admire the beauty of Tinuy-an.

Tinuyo-an or Tinuy-an is a native vernacular which means an intentional act or performance to attain an objective or goal. Legend revealed that long before, the Magdiwata Mountain settlers were enslaved by cruel tribesmen coming from hinterlands of Agusan. They were forced to hunt with their masters, construct barotos (small boats) and perform forced manual labor. Tired of being slaves, one day while rowing the barotos boarded by their cruel masters, they intentionally shoved the barotos towards the waterfalls killing all their cruel masters.
What a tragic story but maybe there's some truth to it. One can be easily engulfed by the downward pressure from the falls.
I think Tinuy-an or Tinuyoan is an appropriate name. Since its a secluded area, one has to exert herculean efforts (okay, that's an exaggeration) just to get to this place. One has to really intend it (tinuyoan). But once you get there, its all worth it. You can just gaze in awe and thank God for this beautiful creation.

ayan ka na naman...

Kala ko ba goodbye na
Bakit ngayon bumabalik ka?
Kala ko ba its better this way
Bakit ngayon nagpaparamdam ka uli?
Kala ko ba we just have to keep things simple
Bakit ngayon nalilito na naman ako?


Why do things have to be so complicated?

Di Na Natuto
Gary Valenciano

nand'yan ka na naman
tinutukso-tukso ang aking puso
ilang ulit na bang
iniiwasan ka di na natuto

sulyap ng 'yong mata
laging nadarama kahit malayo, ooh
nahihirapan na
lalapit-lapit pa di na natuto

isang ngiti mo lang
at ako'y napapaamo
yakapin mong minsan
ay muling magbabalik sa'yo

na walang kalaban-laban
ang puso ko'y tanging iyo lamang

o eto na naman
laging nananabik ang aking puso,
muling bumabalik
sa 'yong mga halik
di na natuto


isang ngiti mo lang
at ako'y napapaamo (woh...)
yakapin mong minsan
ay muling magbabalik sa'yo

na walang kalaban-laban
ang puso ko'y tanging iyo lamang


isang ngiti mo lang
at ako'y napapaamo (woh...)
yakapin mong minsan
ay muling magbabalik sa'yo

na walang kalaban-laban
ang puso ko'y tanging iyo lamang
ang puso ko'y tanging iyo lamang

Di Na Natuto - Gary Valenciano

Thursday, April 2, 2009

so blessed!

Today, I learned another lesson in generosity.

Do not be afraid to give, even if you think you don't have enough, even if it hurts. When you give, He will return it to you a thousand-fold. You just have to learn how to part with your material things, so that He can fill your life with more blessings.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools

I have to undergo an operation next Tuesday. :(

You think I'm kidding? I hope I am, but I'm not. This is something that I've been putting off for the longest time and next week is the perfect opportunity for me to haul myself to the hospital. As much as I want to make myself believe that its just a minor operation, I can't help feeling afraid.

Please Lord, give me strength :)

Monday, March 30, 2009

Kaya Natin!

This morning, I had an interesting ym conversation with Fr. F. He used to be a UP chaplain but he is now based in the States. I'd like to refer to him as the modern Rizal due to his radical ideas. He never fails to inspire me.

me: what's your take on Fr. Panlilio's plan to run for president?
fr. F: ideally, it's not such a bad thing. realistically, i'm not so sure.
me: why not?
fr. F: he needs to leave the priesthood first.
fr. F: then i believe he can, and perhaps should run.
me: so you think he can institute some much needed reforms in this country?
fr. F: i think seen from any angle, it's just the right thing to do.
philippine politics is a very odd beast.
reforms? i really don't know donna.
me: but at least, he's the lesser evil... not necessarily the better alternative
fr. F: isn't that sad. why do we have to constantly settle for the lesser evil? where are all those young people who were with you at UP? or those who were once young at UP, Ateneo, LaSalle, UST, etc.? Whatever happened to the "pagasa ng bayan" I wonder.
i think we know the answer.
they've become the very persons they once despised.
but you're right. why not panlilio?
maybe he's not the savior the country's been waiting for.
but maybe he can get the ball rolling.
maybe we'll get there one day, not too long after him.
me: i hope so.
pero ang hirap nga talaga father.
fr. F: don't be discouraged. no system is perfect.
me: being in the system for almost 5 years now, i still keep on asking myself why I'm here. what's the purpose?
fr. F: even here in the u.s., the supposed home of democracy,
things are not as easy as we sometimes think.
me: have i changed something? or has the system changed me already?
fr. F: we do what we can.
fr. F: good question. as long as you're still asking it, you're still ok.
fr. F: once you stop asking that question, i think you need to get out of the system.
me: okay. i'll keep that in mind.
fr. F: i know that one day, titino rin ang bayan natin.
it's not an empty hope.
i believe it very strongly.
me: sana nga.
fr. F: if you try reading rizal very carefully, you'll see that even at the end of the Fili, there's a faith in the indestructibility of hope.
the night won't last forever.
me: sometimes, its so hard to keep the faith. especially if the situation seems so hopeless
fr. F: that's why its important to find like-minded people.
who share our hopes.
and who strengthen our faith.
i do believe with all my heart that there are more good filipinos
that there are far more honest and decent filipinos than those who aren't.
me: yeah. i do too. the silent majority who's just watching and waiting.
fr. F: they're out there. what we need is not really a savior, but a lightning rod.
someone or something that will finally connect all these anonymous good and decent pinoys.
to connect and network them with each other.
how that's going to happen, i'm not so sure. gk is a start.
me: yeah, well.. i do hope that lightning rod would strike soon before the situation gets any worse.
fr. F: i meant lightning rod in terms of something that will collect and connect all that power that's just sitting out there and channel it.
pinoys don't need a savior, they need an inspiration.
obama won because he managed to tap into some deep seated psychological need of people here, especially young people.
if panlilio can serve as an inspiration, he would be good.
filipinos need to be inspired. not saved.
they can do that themselves.
but someone has to inspire them.
and be willing to do it without getting anything in return.
me: then, i do hope he can be that inspiration.
its already starting
anonymous people are donating for his campaign
fr. F: that's good news.
if the level f interest can be sustained, i think it can be done.
that's how obama won you know.
ordinary grassroots work of ordinary people like you.
students mostly.
two years ago nobody even took this guy seriously.
and now he's president
me: musta naman po ang peformance niya so far?
fr. F: he's doing very well
very sincere person.
and brilliant.
for once, the u.s. actually has an intellectual for president.
but fr. ed has to leave the priesthood.
that's the only way it will work.
that's a sacrifice he has to make.
me: but looks like he's not willing to give it up:(
fr. F: now that's going to be a problem.
even i won't vote for him.
no one can serve two masters at the same time.
plain and simple truth.
he will have more credibilty if he leaves the priesthood
and consider it the supreme sacrifice of his life for the sake of the country. if that is in fact is his motive for running.
he will lose credibility with the catholic intelligentsia.
thoughtful catholics will have doubts about him.
i believe they would rather that he sacrifice his priesthood and be sincere in his desire to serve in public office.
they'll probably vote for him still.
fr. F: but the doubts will linger, and that's never good.
me: haay, difficult decisions. and his opponents are not taking this sitting down. they've been hurling black propaganda against him as early as now
fr. F: that's to be expected.
filipinos play dirty.
that's the immaturity of our culture.