Wednesday, August 25, 2004

rainy day blues

times like these, you get the lazy feeling to just lounge and bum around.. unfortunately for me, gotta work! im being paid by the government to accomplish my tasks. after having done my mundane tasks, i just wanna write.. about nothing really. there are just some things in my mind that i wanted written down.. hmm, i wonder when i'll get the chance to do just that. oh well, i guess i just have to use my time wisely so that i can WRITE. who knows, i might publish my thoughts in my very own blogspot.. until then, ciao!

Monday, August 16, 2004

weeh.. 1st time to blog

la lang, still trying to find out how this thing works or what purpose will it serve in my colorful existence.. but then, for lack of anything better to do in the workplace, decided to go ahead with it and create my very own blogspot.. amazing!

and since this is my first time to blog, it would be better to get to know myself better and for others out there who are unfortunate enough to reach this page, you can delve into my otherwise complex personality.. at this point in my life, i consider myself to be a true blue yuppie.. but i believe, i still can't get past the adjustment stage. you see, its a very big step getting to where i am now. i consider it as the ultimate jump in crossing beyond my borders and leaving my comfort zones behind.. and here i am now.. working for one of the "august" body of men and women who have great responsibilities in shaping the course of the nation.. i'm working for a pretty demanding boss who expects a lot from her staff and we are under constant pressure to meet her expectations. still haven't got any clue who my boss is? try reading the newspapers and you'll see her there, exposes after exposes..

well, so much about her, this was supposed to be about me.. at this point, im enjoying my life and celebrating my singlehood.. i have a pretty stable job and lots of extracurricular activities.. goin to places i haven't seen and meeting lots of people.. i believe there's a very big world out there just waiting to be discovered and conquered and betcha i will.. so much for now, gotta head home.. :)