Tuesday, April 28, 2009

answered prayer

God truly has His ways of answering our prayers with His own perfect timing. After almost five years of being an "aliping sagigilid", my efforts are finally rewarded. I got promoted to another step in the civil service ladder. Yey! (music on: celebrate good times, come on!) Now, I don't have to sing Alanis' Hand in My Pocket and belting out the line, "I'm young and I'm underpaid!" for emphasis. This is a very welcome blessing because I've been praying for this in a long time and it came at a time when I least expect it. :)


Mela said...

congraaaaats!! libre!! :D

taonglangit said...

thanks mela! but there's another side to that story.. It means I wouldn't be receiving any salary for two months while they are facilitating my papers. kaya bankruptcy ito! :(