Friday, May 1, 2009

laboring on labor day

Yep! While everybody's out of town and enjoying their long weekend i, I had to report to the office and be the taumbahay. Well, I didn't mind it one bit. I thought I'd have more time to study and catch up on my readings. BUT, there were more exciting things in store for me.

First, I remembered that I wanted to look up on available classes about zipping. We were discussing about it in the office and I really want to try that sport. Then I chanced upon this multiply site Planet Zips and checked out their classes. Apparently, they are offering summer classes in QC so I was just in time for the second session. Another pleasant surprise, the instructor's name sounded familiar. So, I texted her and inquired if she's the same Lala from my MA Psych class. What a coincidence! She has always inspired me to try zipping especially when I see her zipping in the company video promoting the Ayala Malls. So, tomorrow, I'll be learning a new sport/hobby - zipping. Wish I could also try fire zipping in the future.

Second, I went out for lunch with a textmate, a cousin of a friend. haha! I don't think that was a date, t'was just a meet-up. At least, I got free lunch. :) It was a weird experience. I don't really like going out on dates because I'm uncomfortable of putting myself out there. And besides, I haven't "fully recovered" yet. As expected, it was a disaster. Sorry for saying this, but I didn't like his company one bit. He was looking for a wife, not a date. Afraid! Oh, I do hope I won't see him again. Harsh! :)

Third, I played badminton with my badminton buddies whom I haven't seen in a while. I missed playing that sport and I missed my playmates. ;p

Lastly, a friend invited me to check out a franchising business. At first I was apprehensive because I still haven't recovered from my burgerrific experience. I learned several lessons from that failed experiment but I consider it as my crash course in MBA. This new business has a big potential. But I think I'll take my time to study it first so that I wouldn't make the same mistakes all over again.

All in all, t'was truly a great day. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to open my books. Owel, there's always tomorrow. Procrastination at its finest! hehe

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