Monday, June 22, 2009

final chase

from ambiguous minds

if you turn around and look
will there still be something to see?
scent or shadows...
the traces of me..

i am stopping now.
no plans of staying..
no plans of chasing you back.


twinx said...

hmm. is this a new favorite blog? or is this blog yours?

twinx said...

and i like this comment:

"i'm interested in knowing you, mainly because i know the chase thing and im dwelling on it. you realize it ends sooner for the chaser? the real thing begins for the one you're chasing when you decide to stop chasing and the process of letting go is way sslllloooowwweeeerrrr. i want to understand why.

ive been chased.
and the chase has just ended.
and i am running around the track alone and confused."