Friday, July 30, 2010

Sharing is Loving

Pardon the cheesy title but this has been my motto for the past two weeks. Despite the fact that I am going through a career and financial crisis right now, I chose not to dwell on these setbacks but rather focus on my blessings. I realized that I still have a lot to share with other people - my time, my resources, and even my cooking expertise. hehe :) Since I was asked to go on an indefinite leave (refer to previous post), I had more time in my hands which I chose to spend in the kitchen instead of the library. I was able to cook several dishes like spaghetti which I shared with my CG, chicken sotanghon which I shared with my poi friends and housemates, chicken giniling which I shared with Twinx and Mel, fish tinola which I shared with my siblings and of course, my chicken sandwich spread which I shared with Ate Sansu and my officemates. Its always a delight to see the look on their faces. These may not be the tastiest dishes ever but I cooked it with passion. chos! ;)

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