Saturday, March 28, 2009

why suffer?

Journal Entry
20 August 2008

I realize now that suffering and oppression will always be part of this world. There will always be people who exploit and oppress others and the economic society will always be unjust - just as it was in Jesus' time. But the goal is not to live a happy life free from all these oppression and suffering. That would be sheer utopia. The goal is to live a meaningful life. Amidst all these suffering, one must find the real meaning and purpose of this whole experience. One must try to understand, coupled with God's grace, the reason why god allows these things to happen in one's life. God's intention is not to hurt you - I'm sure it must hurt him also to see his sons and daughters suffer but like a loving Father, He can see ahead into the future. He knows that one has to go through all these painful experiences in order to grow and learn the lessons and purposes of this life. And just like the loving Father that he is, he does not give us things or experiences that we cannot bear. He knows us more than we know ourselves. He knows what we are capable of doing. We just need a slight push into that direction. Know that He is the Good Shepherd and He wants what is best for us - and that is to be with him in heaven after our temporary exile here on earth.


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