Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The regret you will feel

Another repost from So She Tells You

"I never thought you'd let me walk away that easily.
Without any real attempt to work things out.
There was no screaming, no fighting and no
real emotion on your part.
I think I imagined those tears in your eyes.
They didnt glisten like the ones that fell from mine.
I thought you would see how wrong you were.
I thought that you would miss me - my laugh, my
imagination and my love.
How could you not miss me?
I took the best parts of you and I washed away the
worst. I pretended you were this perfect specimen,
someone who had no faults and did no wrong.
Maybe I imagined the whole thing.
I never wanted to be the tragic person who has
been broken by a lover.
But when I let you in I opened myself up to hurt.
And I'm not ashamed to have loved you that much.
How naive and sweet I used to be.
If you ever pass by this way to see how I am
doing. If you stop by to read my thoughts and words,
know that life is full of moments and you had me,
for a moment. But then you let me go.
And that regret is yours to carry."

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