Thursday, June 28, 2007


undated journal entry

I was feeling kinda low at that time and I just thought of jotting down something in my journal. My hands couldn't stop writing and I can barely read my handwriting. My persistent question at that time was, What do you want to say Lord?

Repent and I will forgive your sins. Come back to me and I will bless you and your family. Keep strong. Plans. Do not be afraid of the Spirit. Let Him guide you and inspire you as you continue living your life for me. Keep him in your heart always. I feel hurt when you deny me, when you don't stand up for me. Be confident in my love for you. Do not think about what other people think. What matters most is my opinion of you. I sent my Son to go against that - to prove that one can be capable of laying His life for the people for the sake of love. Claim my promises - that I will use you as my instrument, that I will prosper your plans. Repent now. I have shown you many signs. I have spoken to you many times. I introduced myself to you. I'm teaching you of a new and radical way to live your earthly life. All of these material things will come to pass but my love will last forever. So be wise in your decisions. I have called you to my Kingdom time and time again. Invite me into your life. Allow me to bless you. Hold on to my words and my promises. Do not doubt me. I alone can change your life. Obey me. Keep my words in your heart. Tell other people about me - do not be afraid to speak out. Don't be afraid of ridicules. Remember that you're doing it for your Lord. I want you to be with me in my kingdom forever. Keep the strength. Open your senses - I'm performing small miracles everyday to remind you of the heavenly kingdom, when you will rest with me forever. Don't be stuck in this world. I love you son. I love you my daughter. Don't waste this one time chance that I gave you. Don't be lazy. Make haste for your time is drawing near. Call to the Holy Spirit for help. I am sending him to you. Do not lack faith. Believe. Believe always. Say this to yourself many times. Believe in me. Believe in all the things that happened in the past, of what's happening at present and what will happen in the future. I

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