Thursday, November 4, 2010

Eager for December

Flash Report: 80 days before Christmas! (that was the stats when I started writing this entry)

I can't wait to celebrate Christmas with the whole extended Manlangit family. Its becoming quite a tradition which everyone looks forward to. And this December, we have scheduled several trips. We'll celebrate our Mama's birthday in Cebu then move on to Bohol the day after so that we can try the E.A.T. Danao Adventure. I can't wait to try The Plunge. This has gotten me uberly excited for the holidays.

However, there has been a recent fiasco in the family. My nanay (lola) suffered a mild stroke and she had to be rushed to the hospital. This was the second time that she had to be admitted. Before her, it was my tatay (lolo) who was hospitalized. I can't bear the thought of spending Christmas without my Nanay and Tatay or any family member for that matter. That's why I always include them in my prayers and I hope you do too.

For me, Christmas will always be about the love for family and spending quality time with each other. We always make it a point to gather during holidays because that's the only time that we'll see the rest of the clan. And I'm telling you, the party can get very rowdy and boisterous.  To give you a glimpse of how our gathering looks like, here are some photos from last year's party.

Overjoyed recipient of our pail-ful of Christmas goodies.
As the famous jingle goes, give love on Christmas day! But it would be quite disastrous on our pockets if we'll give a gift to every family member so me and my cousin started a tradition of giving gifts to each family instead of individually. We started with a basin, then a pail. This year, we might just be able to fill up a drum. Of course, generous sponsors are always welcome.(",)

Manlangit family
 We begin our Christmas celebration with the traditional mass since we must not lose sight of the real reason for this joyous occasion - the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. As one family, we gather and give thanks to God for granting us another year to celebrate life and love.

                                                       And now, let the games begin!
Onion dance by my beloved parents

'Parent and son/daughter' newspaper dance
Catch the dragon's tail

Candle blowing - Tita v. Mama edition

Showing Off No. 1

family peekchur
The day after Christmas outing in our very own secluded waterfalls
Showing Off No. 2 (you know I could never resist heights

family peekchur again ;)

Excited na ba kayo?  :)

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