Thursday, April 29, 2010


You know what a tambis is? Its a reddish fruit which is called makopa in tagalog but for us in bisaya, its simply tambis. I was reminded of this fruit when i saw a tree laden with fruits in calumpit, bulacan during today's sortie. I did a doubletake when i saw the tree coz i wanted one. The owner must have noticed because she offered it to mr. Apparently, three kids were already up in the tree and one kid handed me a bunch of tambis. Yey! It was a wonderful surprise and one which i'm truly grateful for.
Haay, the taste of tambis brought back lots of childhood memories. Those carefree days when i also used to climb trees and eat its fruits to my heart's content. All those days spent playing and laughing and frolicking.
Aahh, the simple joys in life. The tambis surprise really made my day.

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joanne said...

same here, reminds me of afternoons when you're supposed to take a nap but end up hanging out with cousins eating tambis.