Sunday, October 5, 2008


I may have slacked off in my acads for the past few days but now, I regained my inner drive to catch up with my acad stuff and prepare for the final exams next week. I owe it to Prof. Muyot for being so inspiring.

I started writing this entry October of last year. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to finish it due to my usual fear. ;p Now, I'll just jot down some insights which I noted in my journal.

* Believe in yourself. Do not limit yourself. Always aspire to be better.
* Do not think about the grades. What is more important is what you learned from each class, each case, each day. This will all add up to your arsenal of knowledge and help you become a good lawyer.
* Be a student of integrity.
* Add more value to people. Make it your passion.
* Don't make excuses for your failures. Learn from it and improve your performance.
* There are many choices available for you - just be patient.
* and read. Devise a framework. The law is simple, you don't have to complicate it. Read and understand. Do more than what is expected of you.
* Strive to become a DAMN GOOD LAWYER and use it to improve the current situation.
* Be the solution.
* Learn to digest cases succintly.
* Its a learning process. Change your mind about law school as early as now.

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